CHEMVOL General Trading L.L.C; is based in Dubai-U.A.E. We provide materials that are critical to be global chemical and Paint & Coating, Varnish & Adhesive, Ink, Plastic & PVC, Ceramic, Sanitary Ware & Glass, Rubber & Tire, Cosmetic, Detergent&Soap Industries.

With its philosophy that prioritizes customer satisfaction and its public structure, it has become a symbol of quality and continuity and has continued all its activities in domestic and foreign markets with a more stable growth every day since CHEMVOL establishment.

The main goal of CHEMVOL is to provide quality products and service in-time and product continuity. Our company, which always renews itself and closely follows the technological developments, closely follows the world market with its own R&D department.

CHEMVOL is open to change, has strategic sensitivity, teamwork and solution-oriented approaches. Being a model in our sector and we are progressing with the developments in the market. Chemvol also operates across the Middle East and Africa. CHEMVOL General Trading is a company specialized in the marketing and distribution of chemicals products.

Our short- and long-term goals; To be a leader in our sector and to provide more employment by offering the best and quality products to our customers. Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level and producing with zero error are among the values that our company attaches importance to.

Our Values.

Chemvol brings a broad range of resources, expertise & tools to help suppliers & customers solve their most pressing challenges  & find new ways to grow. 

Techinical Support

We provide complete technical support starting from the application our customers require, to basic formulas, to advising on the  adequate raw materials. 

Market Expertise 

A thorough knowledge of the local industry, gained over a century. 


Strong logistics team providing an efficient & smooth supply chain management. 

Product Specialists 

Our chemists & chemical engineers have the required skills & training to ensure a strong market penetration.

Our Offices.

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