Chemvol is a leading distributor of chemicals (pigments, binders, biocides, leveling agents, thickening agents, defoamers,  whitening agents, surfactants, dispersants, epoxy curing agents, resins, diluents & modifiers) for the architectural, industrial,  decorative, wood, marine, automotive & metal coatings industries. 

We provide chemicals that have 2 main characteristics; decoration & protection, which are used primarily to decorate & protect  new construction as well as to maintain existing structures, including residential homes & apartments, public buildings, plants &  factories. 

Most of the remaining products are used for other applications such as traffic paints, vehicle refinishing, high-performance  coatings for industrial plants & equipment & protection of marine structures & vessels. 

Coatings Products: 

Product FunctionApplication
Antiskinning AgentsPaints
Chelating AgentsChelating Agents
DefoamersPaints, Epoxy Coating
Dispersing AgentPaints
Epoxy AdditivesEpoxy Coating