Chemvol is committed to providing the best construction chemical raw materials that address environmental & energy efficient  requirements. We distribute chemicals that are added in order to enhance performance & functionality, improve workability &  protect the construction materials. 

We provide chemicals that use energy-saving materials & technologies like solvent free curing agents. Chemicals & Technologies  that provide high durability like protective coatings & repair products. Environmentally friendly products like waterborne coatings  & formaldehyde-free biocides 

Our supply package includes additives that improve the production of substances, reduce water-uptake, control efflorescence &  improve the workability of mortars & screeds. 

Special chemicals allow design & control of air pores & enhance curing & durability of concrete. Furthermore, our products help  improve production & functionality of construction materials for roofing, insulation & ceilings. 

Construction products: 

Product FunctionApplication
Accelerator for EpoxyEpoxy Flooring
Acrylic & Styrene BindersDry Mortar
Air Entraining AgentsDry Mortar
Cellulosic DerivativesDry Mortar
Cellulosic ThickenersDry Mortar
DefoamerDry Mortar
EmulsifiersDry Mortar
PlasticizerDry Mortar
Redispersable PowderDry Mortar
Rheology ModifiersDry Mortar
Starch ThickenersDry Mortar
SurfactantsDry Mortar
Titanium DioxideDry Mortar
Epoxy DiluentsEpoxy Flooring
Hardeners for EpoxyEpoxy Flooring