Human Nutrition 

Chemvol provides premium quality products & innovative solutions to meet your Human Nutrition requirements & differentiate  your brands in the market. 

We provide a broad specialty product portfolio to the food, beverages & dietary supplement industries. Our portfolio includes  health ingredients like: Vitamins, Omega 3, plant sterols, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), antioxidants, carotenoids & caffeine.  Performance ingredients like: Emulsifiers, aerating cake emulsifiers, whipped topping concentrates, fat powder, baking enzymes,  beverage clarifiers/ stabilizers, lipids & cellulosic gums. 

Animal Nutrition 

Chemvol provides premium quality animal nutrition raw materials to meet your requirements & ensure that your animals health &  safety is properly addressed. 

We have a comprehensive range of ingredients for wide variety of applications; vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes, organic acids,  vitamins premixes, mineral premixes & others.

Human Nutrition products: 

Product Function Application
AntioxidantsDietary Supplements, Edible Oils
Beverage Clarifiers / Stabilizers Beverages
CarotenoidsEdible Oils, Beverages
Cellulosic ThickenersBeverages, Processed Food
EnzymesBaked Food
Food Performance IngredientsConfectionary, Baked Food
Food StabilizersProcessed Food, Confectionary, Dairy
Guar GumBeverages, Processed Food, Confectionary
Health Ingredients & Lipids: Omega-3s, CLA, SterolsDairy, Beverages, Edible Oil, Baby Food, Dietary Supplements
VitaminsDairy, Beverages, Edible Oil, Confectionary, Staple Food,
Baby Food, Dietary Supplements

Animal Nutrition products: 

Product FunctionApplication
Amino AcidsFeed Additive
CarotenoidsFeed Additive
EnzymesFeed Additive
Mineral PremixFeed Additive
Omega-6 Fatty AcidsFeed Additive
Oraganic AcidsPreserving, Ansiling, Regular Treatment for Salmonella Control
Vitamin PremixFeed Additive
VitaminsVeterinary , Feed Additive.