Chemvol has an established track record for working with the best suppliers to deliver top quality pharmaceutical raw materials to  formulate your requirements & develop solutions for the future. 

We distribute a comprehensive range of generic active ingredients for wide variety of therapeutic applications and a wide range of  excipients covering: binders, matrix polymers, coating systems, disintegrants, suspension stabilizers, thickeners, dissolution  enhancers, solvents, emollients, emulsifiers, plasticizers & co-formulated excipients. 

We have a sense of health responsibility & strive to work with the highest quality products to ensure that your health & safety is of  paramount importance. 



Product Function
AnaestheticsTablets, Capsules, Syrups
AnalgesicsTablets, Capsules, Syrups
AntimalarialTablets, Capsules, Syrups
AntiviralTablets, Capsules, Syrups
Appetite SuppressantTablets, Capsules, Syrups
Central Nervous SystemTablets, Capsules, Syrups
Consistency FactorsOintments, Creams
DermaticaTablets, Capsules, Ointments, Creams
DisinfectantsTablets, Capsules, Syrups
EmollientsOintments, Creams
IntermediatesTablets, Capsules, Syrups
Respiratory SystemTablets, Capsules, Syrups
Solubilizers & Emulsifiers Syrup, Ointments, Creams
SolventsOintments, Creams
StimulantTablets, Capsules, Syrups
SympathicomimeticaTablets, Capsules, Syrups
Urinary SystemTablets, Capsules, Syrups
VasoconstrictorsTablets, Capsules, Syrups