Chemvol provides the best products & works with leading suppliers for: 

– Flexible foam: Conventional, high resilience & memory foam for mattresses & furniture applications
– Semi Rigid foam: Shoe sole applications 

– Rigid foam: Insulation & panel board

Our product packages include, in addition to the two main products, TDI & polyether polyol, a wide range of polyurethane  catalysts, silicone surfactants & colorants, in order to cover all types of foam applications & fulfil our customer’s requirements. 

We also provide continuous & block machines for the production of flexible foam & contour cutting machines for cutting the  foam after production. 

Polyurethane products: 

Product Function Application
Blowing CatalystsFlexible Foam Production
Co-Blowing & Cleaning AgentsFlexible, Rigid Foam Production
Foam ColorantsFlexible, Semi Rigid Foam Production
Gelation Catalysts Flexible Foam Production
MDI (Diphenylmethanediisocyanate)Flexible, Rigid Foam Production
Polyether PolyolFlexible Foam Production
Polyurethane CatalystFlexible Foam Production
Rigid SystemInsulation
Semi RigidShoes, Integral Skin
Silicone SurfactantsRigid, Flexible Foam Production
Stabilizer SiliconeFlexible Foam Production
TDI (Toluene Di Isocyanate)Flexible Foam Production